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Associations in Europe, projects European, European actions...
How to take actions with our neighbors?
Which are the contacts? Are the European resources accessible for us?

Associative Europe exists indeed. The regulations are different from one country to another, but the associative culture is the same one there everywhere... 
Blooming, Solidarité are the common determinations of the actors of European community life.

To open or create the European exchange is only one business of initiatives to be developed.

The Internet tool is probably most effective of the access to Cultural Europe.

The site of associations ASSOCIANET fits readily in this program of exchanges, opening 
dynamic axes for these crossings, to get information about each country is essential.
Your contribution, your ideas, your suggestions, your information is our invaluable resource.

your information
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  • Various types of associations
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  • We work out a data base on the countries of Europe which will be put on line as of its constitution.
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